The works shown can be purchased. Payment is possible via PayPal or direct bank transfer. On request, all works can be shipped worldwide or picked up directly. If you are interested, please contact the artist by email: victor17cartagena

Victor D. Cartagena

In this section you will find selected artworks from various fields, e.g. painting, drawing, printing, etc. for purchase.


In this book, available about the artist, you will find a complete summary of his work on 276 pages as well as the professional career of the artist Victor D. Cartagena. It is divided into the fields of painting, drawing, printing, sculpture and theatre and contains numerous reviews of well-known personalities from art and science as well as statements of the artist himself. With numerous pictures, multi-faced, hardcover. 


White Raven

Monoprint/Watercolor 1/1  on BFK paper, 15 x 22 inches

 $ 500 

Pensive Look on a Woman`s Face 


Charcoal pencil drawing, ink on BFK paper, 22 x 30 inches

$ 1.500 

Woman from Behind


Watercolor on BFK paper, 22 x 30 inches

$ 1.500  

Blue Head

Monoprint/Watercolor on BFK paper, 

15 x 22 inches
$ 500 

The Wolve

Monopint/Blockprint 1/1 
Black ink on BFK paper, 22 X 30 inches

$ 700

Passing By


Monoprint/Blockprint 1/1
Black ink on BFK paper, 22 x 30 inches

$ 700